The Client

SOKOS is a business establishment that envisions merging the tangible and virtual realms through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Inspired by the Arabic term "Souq", SOKOS specializes in sports, arts, and collectibles. The business also pioneers the integration of digital assets with physical counterparts, offering a diverse selection of phygital NFTs across various categories.

The Challenge

The challenge SOKOS faced was unique and multifaceted, stemming from a desire to enhance the customer experience within the physical space of their cafe. The objective was twofold

  • Elevate the visibility of their menu items.
  • Implement an effective promotional strategy that leveraged the latest in digital display technology.

This endeavor was not just about showcasing products; it was about creating an immersive, interactive environment that mirrored the innovative spirit of SOKOS itself.

The Solution

The task at hand called for a solution that could seamlessly integrate into the cafe's ambiance while providing dynamic, engaging content to customers. In response to this challenge, SOKOS turned to Pickcel, a provider known for its cutting-edge digital signage solutions. The collaboration between SOKOS and Pickcel led to the development of a bespoke digital display strategy that was as innovative as it was effective. The solution centered around the deployment of more than ten screens throughout the cafe, each powered by the Android MI box, a choice that ensured both reliability and flexibility.

This custom solution by Pickcel was distinguished by its cloud-based nature, allowing for remote access and management from anywhere in the world—a feature that perfectly aligned with SOKOS's forward-thinking ethos. It offered SOKOS the capability to dynamically update and publish content, ranging from high-definition images to captivating videos, either as standalone displays or integrated within the menu presentations. This level of customization and control was crucial for SOKOS, enabling them to adapt and evolve their promotional content in real-time, ensuring that their messaging was always fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent Branding: Achieved consistent branding across the cafe through the implementation of the digital signage solution.
  • Brand Recognition and Loyalty: Consistency is not only aesthetically appealing but serves as a powerful tool for building brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Cohesive Customer Experience: Customers walking into the cafe encounter a cohesive, branded experience that seamlessly integrates physical design elements with digital displays showcasing the menu and promotions.
  • Harmony between Digital and Physical Aspects: The digital signage solution reinforces SOKOS's identity by creating harmony between the digital and physical aspects of the brand.
  • Pioneer in Technology and Tradition: The implementation positions SOKOS as a pioneer at the intersection of technology and traditional marketplace values.

The Result

The collaboration between SOKOS and Pickcel resulted in a transformative experience, showcasing the power of integrating digital technology into physical spaces. The digital display solution not only enhanced the presentation of menus and promotions but also created an interactive, engaging environment in line with SOKOS' innovative spirit. This initiative sets a new standard for businesses using digital signage to boost customer engagement and maintain brand consistency

Beyond visual and operational improvements, it serves as a blueprint for blending digital and physical worlds to create immersive experiences. SOKOS sees this as just the beginning of a journey exploring the possibilities of phygital NFTs in real-world settings, demonstrating a commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation and traditional values. The future looks promising for SOKOS.