The Client

The Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) is a prestigious institution in the field of design and innovation education, committed to providing a holistic and dynamic learning environment that fosters creativity and practical skills among its students.

The Challenge

ISDI sought to elevate its educational experience by addressing the following needs:

Innovative content display: A platform to showcase student projects dynamically, academic announcements, and industry insights.

Interactive learning: Tools to increase engagement between students, faculty, and the curriculum through interactive technology.

Technological harmony: A digital solution that integrates with ISDI's existing systems without friction, enhancing the user experience campus-wide.

The Solution

Pickcel rose to the occasion by implementing a bespoke digital signage solution that catered to ISDI's unique environment:

Interactive digital screens: Strategically placed across the campus, these screens facilitated a more interactive and engaging educational atmosphere.

Cloud-based management: Enabled ISDI to effortlessly curate and broadcast content across the network of screens, ensuring the information was current and relevant.

Custom implementation: Digital signage was tailored for different campus zones, including lecture halls, labs, and common areas, ensuring optimal impact.

Key Benefits

  • Engagement and interactivity: The solution significantly enhanced the campus experience by making learning more engaging and interactive.
  • Scalable flexibility: Pickcel's cloud platform allowed for easy updates and expansion, adapting to ISDI's growing needs.
  • Smooth integration: The technology blended seamlessly with ISDI's infrastructure, facilitating an easy adoption process.

The Result

The partnership with Pickcel transformed ISDI's approach to communication and learning. The digital signage network has become a cornerstone of the campus, improving how information is shared and engaged. This initiative modernized the campus and reinforced ISDI's commitment to providing a cutting-edge educational environment.