The Client

Started in 2005, Geewongers (ESD System Walls B.V.) specializes in delivering tailored and customized partition walls and doors. Their product line basically includes a plethora of wall and door solutions to enhance privacy without compromising connectivity. Boasting around 18+ years of experience in the industry, they are well known for offering everything from consultation to final implementation under one roof, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

The Challenge

Geewongers has an impressive and innovative product portfolio. However, these innovative products couldn't be promoted well within their premises due to the use of traditional promotional methods, such as fixed displays and posters. These traditional and conventional promotional methods lacked flexibility and dynamicity.

The key problems faced due to this are:

Static displays:As the name suggests, these displays are static in nature, and the content displayed cannot be changed easily. This limitation makes it difficult to keep the promotional content up-to-date with the latest product updates or new releases.

Inflexibility in updates: Changing the product or promotional content on the static displays demanded physical modifications and changes, which not just turned out to be costly but also time-consuming.

With this being the primary hurdle, the Geewongers team was looking for a scalable digital signage software solution that could bring flexibility, immediacy, and interactivity to their in-office promotional strategies.

The Solution

Upon understanding the requirements of our client, it took us not much time to implement an advanced digital signage solution using 50+ Samsung Tizen digital screens. Here's a detailed overview of the solution:

Choice of technology: They had Samsung Tizen digital screens already installed due to their high display quality and robust performance. They can render detailed and high-quality visuals, which makes them perfect for displaying high-quality photos and videos of Geewongers’ products.

Placement of screens: Besides the installment, we made sure that the screens were strategically placed in key points of engagement within the offices. This not just improved the aesthetics of the office spaces but also ensured that the displays received maximum audience, both from employees and visitors.

Dynamic content display & updates: Unlike traditional screens, digital screens offer the flexibility to showcase a variety of media, right from images to videos. The best part was that these screens allowed for real-time updates and changes, thus ensuring that the content displayed on the screen was fresh and aligned with recent updates. Moreover, this system can be controlled remotely, ensuring that all screens display the correct content and that updates can be rolled out simultaneously across all displays.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time Content Management: With digital screens, Geewongers could easily respond to market changes and new product developments efficiently and quickly. The real-time content management made sure that the information displayed is accurate, up-to-date and can be changed in real-time.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The digital screens offered lucrative high-quality images and visuals of the same products, which made them more engaging and interactive. The best part was users could easily browse and explore different aspects of a product via touch screen and augmented reality integrations.

The Result

The successful deployment of these digital screens at Geewongers has markedly changed the company's internal product promotion strategies. The screens offer dynamic content management, making promotional activities more efficient and enhancing product visibility. This digital transformation has increased engagement among staff and visitors by providing timely and visually attractive insights into the company's offerings, thus boosting internal promotions significantly.