The Client

With a rich legacy since 1948, Swami Narayan Temple is a Gurukul established in the heart of Gujarat. It was a tribute to the divine teachings of Lord Shri Swaminarayan. The gurukul was founded by H.H. Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj Shri Dharmajivandasji Swami.

It aims to move beyond academic knowledge and instill into the young minds the power of spiritual wisdom. Besides the academic activities, the Gurukul is the home to other social and spiritual activities. With the view to bring secular harmony among religions, the institution builds students with the right blend of modernity and spirituality.

The Challenge

Swami Narayan Temple is not just a mere temple or Gurukul. It's the hub for numerous events focusing on various aspects such as spiritual, social, and child development. However, they faced a contemporary challenge of broadcasting their information and spiritual content to the masses, who were basically visitors and devotees visiting the temple premises.

The temple premises, alive with spiritual and social activities, needed a modern solution to stream these events and promotional content to a broader audience.

The Solution

To address this problem, Swami Narayan Temple collaborated with Pickcel to implement our cloud-based digital signage solutions. We utilized the Android screens already installed strategically within the temple premises. The solution employs a dedicated YouTube app developed by Pickcel. This setup allows for seamless streaming of both pre-recorded and live content. From daily spiritual discourses and rituals to special cultural festivals and educational programs, every aspect of Gurukul life was now broadcast live.

Key Benefits

  • Improved visitor experience & engagemen: The visitors & devotees enjoyed the dynamic form of spiritual content. It was more interactive and engaging, thus providing them with real-time insights into various activities and teachings.
  • Educational outreach: The solution played a crucial role in imparting the teachings of Lord Swaminarayan and the Gurukul to a vast audience.
  • Promotion of events: The Gurukul could now easily promote about their upcoming events to the target devotees and visitors in a more engaging and effective way. This, in turn, boosted the attendance and participation of devotees in the events.
  • Sustainable solution: The cloud-based solution was an eco-friendly alternative that allowed the administrators to manage content remotely and effectively.

The Result

The implementation of Pickcel’s cloud-based digital signage solution in January 2024 gave the gurukul’s audience the chance to witness spirituality’s merge with modern technology. It brought the teachings and activities of the Gurukul to the forefront. This technology-forward approach has enhanced the spiritual and cultural experience for visitors and devotees.