The Client

Founded by Bipul Jha in 2020, Bridge Health is a pioneering healthcare provider that blends traditional physical care with its digital counterpart to promote preventive health practices. With comprehensive and accessible services, Bridge Health has a unique holistic approach that focuses on early detection as well as continuous monitoring of diseases. Their main focus is on making preventive healthcare accessible to all.

Bridge Health offers various services ranging from health risk assessments and continuous health monitoring to creating personalized health plans. Their platform is user-friendly, thus providing individuals with crucial details such as health information and timely health intervention. This allows an individual to take charge of their health and monitor it timely.

The Challenge

As a healthcare provider blending digital and physical care, Bridge Health faced a major challenge regarding internal communication. Bridge Health wanted to ensure all staff members were consistently informed and engaged with the company’s developments and updates. This came with the demand for an effective communication tool that would help disseminate crucial information to employees and spread the word about their offerings. Besides keeping the employees informed, it will also keep the visitors aware of their offerings and services.

The Solution

Upon understanding and analysing the challenges and needs, Pickcel partnered with Bridge Health, suggesting its cloud-based digital signage solution to the client. Firstly, Android TV-powered digital screens were deployed at key locations within the premises, focusing on maximum visibility

These screens were versatile and supported various content formats. Bridge Health broadcasted various multimedia content, such as internal updates, informative content, and promotional content related to its services and offerings. The cloud-based architecture made sure that the client could easily manage their content across screens remotely and efficiently.

Key Benefits

The integration of Pickel's cloud-based digital signage solution brought about several key benefits:

  • Better information dissemination: With digital screens, notifying employees of any key information was just a matter of a few clicks. Furthermore, the cloud-based CMS (content management system) allowed administrators to remotely manage the various content played on the screens. This made sure that the right information was displayed at the appropriate time.
  • Improved employee and visitor engagement: The digital screens caught the attention of both the employees and visitors while delivering the necessary information to the target audience. They were visually appealing, thus improving employee and visitor engagement.
  • Customizable content delivery: The Android-powered screens could display multiple content formats depending on the needs of Bridge Health. This adaptability made it possible to target content more effectively, maximizing the impact of each message.
  • Support for health promotion: The screens also supported Bridge Health’s mission by promoting health awareness among employees and visitors through educational content related to preventive healthcare practices.

The Outcome

The implementation of Pickcel's cloud-based digital signage solution at Bridge Health resulted in a streamlined flow of information, boosting operational efficiency. The success of this project not only improved operational communication but also played a significant role in supporting Bridge Health’s broader mission of enhancing health outcomes through proactive and informed healthcare practices.