The Client

Established in 2011 through the collaboration of Boyner Group and Ran Konfeksiyon, BR Magazacilik has become a prominent name in the men's clothing industry with its innovative vision. With a dedicated team of nearly 2000 experienced professionals, the company has expanded its reach to nearly 200 stores across 60 provinces in Turkey and beyond, including 60 stores in 18 countries.

The Challenge

BR Magazacilik sought a digital solution to enhance the customer experience in their retail stores across Turkey. They wanted a solution to:

1. Showcase product information and promotions

2. Utilize kiosks and screens to engage their customers

The Digital Signage

Understanding the need for a dynamic and scalable digital display solution, BR Magazacilik partnered with Pickcel.

The focus was on promoting their clothing line in retail settings using digital screens. Pickcel provided a scalable software solution capable of supporting over 100 screens, compatible with both Android and Windows platforms

This allowed BR Magazacilik to seamlessly integrate digital signage across their extensive network of stores in Turkey.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable software for 100+ screens:The solution catered to the expansive scale of br magazacilik's retail network, ensuring uniformity and efficiency.
  • Seamless promotion across stores:Digital screens enabled consistent and engaging promotion of products and offers throughout the retail chain.
  • Hardware agnostic:The flexibility to work with various hardware types made the solution adaptable and easy to implement across different store setups.

The Result

The deployment of Pickcel's digital signage solutions revitalized the retail experience in BR Magazacilik stores. Customers were now greeted with dynamic, up-to-date information on products and promotions, enhancing their shopping experience.

This not only led to increased customer engagement but also streamlined the promotion process, contributing to a noticeable uptick in sales and customer satisfaction.

BR Magazacilik's investment in digital signage with Pickcel proved to be a strategic move, aligning with their innovative vision and commitment to customer service. Looking to revitalize your retail experience? Discover how Pickcel can tailor a digital signage solution to elevate your customer engagement. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!