The Client

In the vibrant streets of Riyadh, Ashjar Cafe stands out as a haven for coffee lovers and digital nomads alike. With its lush interior that marries modern design with natural elements, the cafe serves as both a coffee house and a co-working space. Established with the intent to foster a community centered around creativity and calm, Ashjar Cafe has quickly become a beloved spot for locals and visitors to gather, work, and enjoy high-quality coffee.

The Challenge

In a city thriving with cultural richness and a competitive cafe scene, Ashjar Cafe sought to distinguish itself not only through its serene ambiance and superior coffee but also by building a strong rapport with customers. The main challenge identified was the traditional approach to menu presentation. The use of standard, static menu boards was proving insufficient in capturing the attention of customers and in facilitating their decision-making process. This traditional method posed several issues:

Limited interaction: Static menus did not allow for customer interaction, which could enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Inflexibility: Seasonal changes and new additions were cumbersome to update, often leading to outdated information being displayed.

Customer flow: During peak hours, the inability to quickly convey information led to longer waiting times and a decrease in customer turnover.

Recognizing these issues, Ashjar Cafe was determined to revolutionize the customer experience by leveraging technology to create a more dynamic and interactive environment.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Ashjar Cafe partnered with Pickcel, a company specializing in digital signage solutions. The collaboration aimed to change how the cafe communicated with its patrons through an innovative approach using digital menu boards. These boards were integrated with Pickcel's advanced signage software, which allowed for:

Dynamic content management: Easy updates in real-time, allowing the cafe to modify menus according to availability and introduce new items instantly.

Interactive displays: Touchscreen capabilities were introduced, enabling customers to browse the menu, read detailed descriptions, and place orders directly from their tables.

Visual appeal: High-resolution displays that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the cafe but also improved visibility and readability of menu items.

Implementation involved several strategic steps:

Technical setup: Installation of digital displays strategically placed throughout the cafe to ensure optimal visibility.

Software integration: Configuring the Pickcel software to align with the cafe’s operational needs and training staff to update and manage the system.

Customer engagement tactics: ntroducing interactive features such as QR codes that customers could scan to learn more about the coffee origins and brewing methods.

Key Benefits

The introduction of digital menu boards powered by Pickcel's software brought several key benefits:

  • Increased customer engagement: The interactive menus provided a novel experience, encouraging customers to explore different coffee blends and delicacies.
  • Boosted sales: Attractive, animated displays and featured promotions led to increased upselling and cross-selling of products.
  • Sustainability: Digital menus eliminated the need for printed materials, aligning with the cafe’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

The Result

The deployment of digital menu boards at Ashjar Cafe marked a significant enhancement in customer interaction and operational efficiency. Feedback collected from customers indicated a high level of satisfaction with the ease of ordering and the interactive features provided. Additionally, staff reported a smoother workflow with fewer instances of miscommunication or order errors.

Sales data further supported the success of this initiative, showcasing a noticeable increase in sales of featured items and a higher frequency of visits from returning customers. The digital integration not only set Ashjar Cafe apart from its competitors but also cemented its reputation as a forward-thinking establishment in Riyadh’s cafe industry