The Client

Arogya Ahaara's journey began with a simple mission: to serve food that doesn't just satisfy hunger but also nurtures well-being. Their commitment to hygiene, nutrition, and homely taste has earned them a loyal customer base. However, managing a growing business, especially one that prides itself on its dynamic menu and quick service, comes with its set of challenges.

The Challenge

As Arogya Ahaara expanded its operations, the management realized a growing need for a more efficient way to manage their menus. The traditional method of manually updating the menu boards at each location was time-consuming and prone to human error. Moreover, a manual system was no longer feasible with their dynamic pricing model, and there was a need to change menu offerings regularly based on availability and seasonality. They needed a solution that allowed them to manage the screens/menus remotely, ensuring real-time updates without the hassle.

The Solution

Enter Pickcel, a company known for its innovative digital signage solutions. Understanding the unique needs of Arogya Ahaara, Pickcel proposed a state-of-the-art digital menu board solution. This solution was designed to provide dynamic pricing within a click, allowing the Arogya Ahaara team to update their menus across both branches from a single location in real-time.

The implementation of Pickcel's digital menu boards transformed how Arogya Ahaara operated. The new system was not just a digital replacement of their old menu boards but a comprehensive solution addressing several operational challenges. The digital menu boards came with customizable templates, which meant that Arogya Ahaara could maintain consistent branding across all its screens and outlets, enhancing the customer experience.

Moreover, Pickcel's solution included controls for menu updation based on the time of the day. This automation meant that the menu displayed to customers would automatically update to show breakfast, lunch, or dinner options, depending on the time. This feature saved time and ensured that customers always had access to the relevant menu options, improving service efficiency.

Key Benefits

The benefits of implementing Pickcel's digital menu boards were immediate and significant:

  • Consistent Branding: Arogya Ahaara maintained a consistent look and feel across all digital screens with customizable templates, reinforcing its brand identity.
  • Automated Menu Updates: The automatic update of menus based on the time of day eliminated manual intervention, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Real-time Menu Update: The franchisee owners could now update the menu in real time, allowing for quick changes in pricing or menu items as needed.
  • Added Value to Franchisee Owners: This technology streamlined operations and added value to the franchise by enhancing customer experience and service delivery.

The Result

Implementing Pickcel's digital menu board transformed Arogya Ahaara, enhancing menu management efficiency, ensuring up-to-date offerings, and boosting customer satisfaction. This success underscores technology's impact on revolutionizing the food service industry.

Pickcel empowered Arogya Ahaara to streamline operations, allowing a focus on crafting hygienic, nutritious, home-like food. Their journey is not just a case study but a tale of innovation, efficiency, and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. In the dynamic realm of food service, adaptability is key, and having the right technological partner, like Pickcel, can be transformative.