The Client

AARcorp is a global aviation service-providing giant with a history dating back to 1951. Headquartered in Wood Dale, Illinois, AARcorp is a leading American independent service provider of comprehend aircraft and maintenance. Its clientele includes both government and commercial customers across 100 nations.

AARcorp operates through two primary segments, Aviation Services, and Expeditionary Services, offering tailored products and services to the commercial aviation, government, and defense markets around the globe. It specializes in delivering aftermarket solutions that enhance operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs while upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and service.

The Challenge

The expanded global operations of AARcorp demanded effective and efficient internal communication. Internal communication plays a crucial role in ensuring that employees across the globe always stay informed and updated with corporate goals and safety standards. With that being said, the main goal was to incorporate a digital solution that streamlines information and keeps the workforce engaged and informed. This also reduces the chances of miscommunication and complications in the complex aviation environment.

The Solution

To address their internal communication needs, Pickcel’s cloud-based digital display solutions were proposed. A fleet of high-definition Android screens were strategically deployed at peak locations within their offices. The placement of the screens ensured that all the employees could easily access it for real-time information and updates.

These screens displayed a variety of content based on the position where they were deployed.

HR Content: Included special occasion celebrations, rewards, and announcements for new employees.

Health & Safety Updates: Featured real-time reports, warnings, and progress updates from safety issue resolutions.

Operational Data: Showed maintenance progression and special notifications from each of AAR Corp.'s maintenance lines.

Training and Information: Provided educational content on how to use various tools and equipment effectively.

As the solution was powered by a cloud-based application, administrators were allowed to take charge of remote content management. In addition to that, the solution also included the incorporation of Pickcel apps, such as Google Slides for presentations, social media feeds to keep staff updated with the latest company news, Power BI for displaying real-time data analytics, and practical apps like weather forecasts and clocks.

Key Benefits

The integration of Pickel's cloud-based digital signage solution brought about several key benefits:

  • Improved communication: With digital screens, broadcasting real-time information and updates was way easier. This ensured that the employees, irrespective of their location, stayed informed about updates and notices. It was also a cost-effective initiative as it reduced the cost associated with traditional communication methods, which involved in-person meetings and printed materials.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: Digital displays are visually appealing and interactive, which makes sure to capture the employee’s attention, thus improving employee engagement.
  • Operational efficiency: The digital screens provided real-time updates on production lines, thus preempting potential issues. This improves the overall operational efficiency, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Training and development: DThe screens also functioned as a dynamic tool for ongoing employee training, which is crucial in the high-stakes aviation industry.

The Result

AARcorp’s adoption of Pickel's digital signage solution helped the company improve its internal communication while keeping its employees engaged and informed. The intuitive and real-time information dissemination made sure that employees were aware of the company's operational standards and safety protocols. The successful deployment underscores Pickcel’s capability to enhance workplace communication and operational efficiency through innovative digital solutions.