7 Creative QR Code Display Ideas for 2023

Creative QR display ideas for screens.


QR Codes have transformed from an uncommon sight to the heart of the marketing world. Wouldn’t you agree? These tiny black-and-white squares not only uncover exciting content but have also evolved with significant technological enhancements.

Creating a QR Code is straightforward, but encouraging people to scan it can be challenging. Would you bother scanning a QR Code if its purpose needs to be clarified or if the QR Code needs to be prominently displayed?

When crafting a QR Code campaign, it’s essential to ensure it is prominently visible. You can also add a little side note that spills the beans on what’s in it for the scanner. You can even throw in a link or an eye-catching graphic that practically compels prospects to give it a scan. What better way to show QR codes than through digital signage that can boost QR code scans.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of QR Codes in 2023 and QR Code display ideas to boost engagement and capture attention in the digital space.

QR codes in 2023

As we are nearly concluding 2023, the use of QR Code makers continues to surge. The demand for touchless interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic partly drove this growth.

Ever since, QR Codes have become integral to our daily lives, from restaurant menus and shopping to payment gateways and information repositories.

The Global adoption of QR Codes is expected to grow substantially, with double-digit increases as businesses recognize their value. According to Beaconstac’s QR Code trends report, the first half of 2023 witnessed a 43.20% increase in global QR Code creations compared to 2022.

This proves that QR Codes are now standard practice for businesses to connect with prospects, reducing the need for physical interactions. QR Codes drive higher engagement, information sharing, and smooth consumer experiences thanks to their convenience, efficiency, and traceability.

7 creative QR code display ideas you should check out in 2023

1. Using QR codes as stickers and labels

Stickers and labels are budget-friendly ideas for showcasing your QR Codes. You can effortlessly place them in several spots, whether on product packaging, adorning the restaurant counter, or adding a touch of tech-savvy flair to your store (if it suits the atmosphere).

No place is too exclusive for a QR Code sticker, and the best part is that people absolutely adore stickers.

Typically, QR Codes on stickers and labels offer consumers quick access to information, engaging users with multimedia content.

Let’s take a bookstore, for example. A bookstore can use QR Code stickers on book covers. When scanned, these QR Codes could provide access to book reviews, author interviews, or even a sample chapter, enhancing the prospect’s bookstore experience and helping them make informed purchases.  A bookstore using QR Code stickers for showing book section information.

Apple and Samsung include QR Codes on their device packaging that take prospects to setup guides, user manuals, and prospect support resources.

Similarly, Nestlé experimented with QR Codes on their chocolate bars as labels, which, when scanned, directed prospects to information about the cocoa farming communities they support, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable sourcing.

2. QR codes in posters

The versatile appeal of posters makes for exceptional canvases to display your QR Code. This QR Code display idea works well when you’re already printing a poster for another exciting marketing campaign, such as an event or movie promotion. All you have to do is just add your QR Code to the design.

Here’s a little pro tip for you: Make sure your QR Code is big enough to capture people’s attention effortlessly.

Using QR Codes on posters provides instant engagement and efficient use of space, allowing for clean and eye-catching designs in high-traffic areas.

For example, Nike used QR Codes on in-store posters and banners to provide prospects access to exclusive content, such as athlete interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, product launches, and loyalty programs.

3. Embrace QR codes on table tents and tabletop inserts

Table tents are perfect for businesses with waiting areas, restaurants, hospitals, or a marketing event. Prospects often look for distractions while waiting.

Placing these eye-catching, free-standing promotions on your tables with a QR Code is a surefire way to entice your prospects into engaging themselves while they wait. It’s a win-win!

A spa, for instance, can have table tents with QR Codes leading to short relaxation exercises or tips. This keeps prospects engaged and aligns with the spa’s brand of relaxation and wellness.

Similarly, tabletop inserts with QR Codes can be strategically placed throughout a venue, a marketing event, or a conference. A museum can use them to provide additional information about exhibits.

These QR Codes on Tabletop inserts can link to audio guides, product videos, or detailed product descriptions, enhancing the prospect experience and making it more interactive.

Here’s a pro tip: Consider where to place these inserts beside the table. By the reception? At the entrance of the store? For example, a sports bar can place QR Code table tents on every table during a major sporting event. These QR Codes can link to a live game stream, allowing patrons to stay engaged and share their experiences on social media. It keeps prospects entertained and encourages them to stay longer.

 Poster running company promotion through a QR code.

4. QR codes on billboards

QR Codes on billboards offer businesses an innovative way to engage with potential prospects. These codes can swiftly connect people to websites, exclusive promotions, contests, or even facilitate app downloads.

How do you use QR Codes on billboards? This involves creating a dedicated online resource, generating the QR Code, and integrating it into the billboard design.

Brands like McDonald’s have successfully employed QR Codes in their campaigns, directing users to product information or special offers with a simple scan, resulting in increased engagement and trackable results.

5. Displaying QR codes on digital channels

Displaying QR Codes on digital platforms opens up exciting possibilities for businesses and marketers. They can add QR Codes to their digital screens to engage prospective prospects.

Leading brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and McDonald’s have masterfully integrated QR Codes into their marketing campaigns, offering discounts, loyalty rewards, and immersive prospect experiences.

Do you want to reach a wider audience? Including QR Codes in digital platforms such as social media or websites is a starter. A gym can display QR Codes on its social media profiles or website, linking to workout routines, nutrition tips, or class booking options.

Another way to display QR Codes is on digital signage. By displaying QR Codes on digital signs, businesses can invite people to scan and access real-time information, such as event details, menus, or exclusive promotions. For example,Walmart deploys digital signage in its stores for advertising, promotions, and providing information about products and services.

6. QR codes embedded in business cards

Enhance your networking game by using a QR Code on your personal business cards because digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular.

Why not take advantage of the double benefit these cards offer? Not only does it demonstrate your tech-savvy and consumer-aware approach to potential partners, but it also provides them with an additional avenue to explore your business further.

QR Codes on digital business cards offer several valuable use cases. They enable instant contact sharing, simplifying networking interactions. With multimedia integration, prospects can access portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, or videos, expanding beyond basic contact details. Business card with QR code scanning option to access information.

Embracing paperless networking, these digital business cards promote sustainability and reduce printing expenses. The QR Code on the card also facilitates dynamic updates, ensuring that contact information remains current.

7. Adopting QR codes on coupon cards

From a consumer standpoint, including QR Codes in a loyalty card further strengthens brand loyalty. When you are seeking to attract new prospects, promoting your loyalty program with a QR Code provides them with an enticing incentive to explore your offerings swiftly and pay a visit.

Prominent brands like Starbucks, Sephora, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart have successfully implemented QR Codes into their loyalty programs. These QR Codes serve various purposes, including earning and redeeming reward points, accessing personalized offers, and providing membership benefits.

Business card with QR code scanning option to access information.

QR Codes also add a gamified element, engaging prospects in loyalty activities and enabling cross-promotions with partner businesses. Sephora’s Beauty Insider program incorporates QR Codes on digital loyalty cards, enabling prospects to track their rewards points and redeem exclusive offers.

Need some more QR code ideas? Check out these ideas

Best practices for effective QR code displays

1. Ensure your QR code displays are visible

Make sure QR Codes are appropriately sized and well-placed for easy scanning. For example, Starbucks is known for placing QR Codes on its coffee cups. These QR Codes are appropriately sized and strategically placed for easy scanning.

2. Provide clear instructions and a compelling call to action next to the QR code

Airbnb often includes QR Codes in its travel itineraries on table tops, table inserts, etc. Next to these QR Codes, Airbnb provides explicit instructions, such as “Scan to access your booking details.” This prompts prospects to take action and scan the code to access their travel information.

3. Regularly update linked content to keep it relevant and engaging

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City uses QR Codes on artwork labels. These Codes link to in-depth information about the art piece, including artist details and historical context. MoMA regularly updates these linked pages with fresh content to provide visitors with engaging and up-to-date information.

And best of all! Don’t forget to choose the best QR Code generator available out there for your campaign. We suggest a thorough search on this, or you could rely on detailed QR Code generator reviews to make the decision. This would help you pick a solution that best aligns with your needs. People can generate QR Codes on all devices, and Mac users can generate a QR Code using the shortcut app.

Parting thoughts

Now that you’ve explored unique QR Code applications, it’s time to take action! Whether you incorporate QR Codes into product labels, display ads, table tops, magnetic car signs, digital signage apps, window clings, or shelf-talkers, their versatility knows no bounds for you and your prospects. Elevate your marketing game with these innovative QR Code display ideas today.

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