Digital Signage Software Player For Samsung Tizen SSSP Display

Simple, Secure & powerful native digital signage CMS software to powerup Samsung Tizen smart signage displays

Why Samsung SMART Signage ?

Less Power Consumption

Reduce electricity costs with advanced System on Chip(SoC)

Embedded Hardware Media player

External player is not required as the media player is already built in with the Samsung SMART signage TV.

Low Setup Costs

Reduce setup and installation costs with no additional lengthy cables and accessories.

Easy Installation Process

Just download and install the app in the tv like plug and play. That's it.n

High Performance

Experience great performance with powerful SoC with faster execution of contents on the screens

Highly Secured

Stay secured with high level security at the hardware and firmware levels.

Highly Scalable and Flexible -

Build digital signage network across the places and manage it easily and effectively

Saves Time

Easily publish across the digital signage networks from centralized location.

Multiple Features To Manage Samsung SMART Signage Displays

All you need to run digital signage effectively

Display Management

Easy registration, remote management, supports any size, resolution & orientation

Asset Management

Upload images and videos of various size, type and resolution.


Manage contents like social & news feed, weather, presentation, collaboration & many more

Layout & Compositions

Choose or create your screen layout and add contents to create playlist/composition


Advanced scheduler with calendar view. Can schedule daily, weekly or monthly.

Multi OS Player

Supports Android, Chrome OS,LG WebOS, Linux,Samsung Tizen, Windows & Amazon Fire TV.


Supports reportings on display up time, network connectivity & content play duration.


12x5 support available over email, chat & phone. Can access Knowledge Base & raise tickets.

User Management

Manage users, assign roles and displays within an organization.

Group Management

Add display groups and assign users to manage the signage content.

Tag Management

Provides a fluid tagging mechanism to categorize, search and schedule.

Audience Measurement

Count and demographics of audience. Available as custom application on request.

Why Pickcel Digital Signage CMS Software
for Samsung SMART Signage Displays

Cloud Based & On Premise

Install digital signage software on the cloud or host it to the on-premise server.

Powerful Tools. Preloaded

New generation digital signage with tools, apps and advanced features

Lifetime Software Updates

Stay updated with latest Software releases, Apps and latest Features.

Dedicated Tech Support

Designed to help you in generating recurring revenue and add new businesses

Low Setup & Startup Costs

Setup and start your digital signage software business with very low entry cost.

White Labelling Solution

Value added white label solution to promote your own brand and accelerate business growth. Learn More

Easy To Install and manage

Simple and easy signage solution for easy installation and maintenance.

Quick And Easy Deployment

Simplified & easy software deployment. We take care of all your technology related pain. You just focus on running your business.

Supported Samsung SMART Signage Platform Display Models

Pickcel signage software supports a variety of Samsung signage displays with Tizen platform.

OS Type Display Series
webOS 3.2 (3.0+) SM5KD, SM5D
webOS 3.0 UH5C, LS75C, LS73D, SM3C, SM5C, SM5KC, UH5C, XE3C, XF3C,XS2C

Supports Variety of Industry Verticals

Supports various industry digital signage requirements. Custom app to suit specific industry need.



Corporate Communication

QSR / Restaurants


Smart City



Educational Institutions

Financial Institutions

Factory & Manufacturing Units


App Store To Publish Attractive Contents on Samsung SMART Signage Screens

Get real-time, relevant, informative and beautiful contents with digital signage Apps.

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