Digital Discount Coupon for Your Store

Generate personalized and dynamic discount coupon for your in-store customers or passerby. Scan QR code on display and get coupon on Mobile

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Digital Discount Coupon


tickmarkDefine and launch discounts in real time and for a limited time

tickmarkOption to configure for cash or percentage discounts

tickmarkBoth cash and percentage discounts can be fixed or varying

tickmarkFlexibility to set discount for random users

tickmarkManage the contents shown along with discount QR code

tickmarkCustomers get the digital QR code on scanning the QR code displayed on digital display.

tickmarkSame mobile phone cannot be used for multiple scan in a day

tickmarkDiscount QR code can be displayed along with other signage content to make the campaign more engaging.


How it works

discount scheme

Define your discount scheme

Configure the Discount Type: Options available are “Fixed” and “Random”. Choose “Fixed” if you want a fixed discount for all your customers. E.g. $5 discount or 5% discount for all customers who show the scanned discount coupon at the cash counter. Choose “Random” if you want variable discounts to be given to your customers. E.g Discount varies between $5 -$10.

Customers will get discount between $5 to $10. Configure Discount For: Discounts can be defined for all users or limited number of customers out of maximum user scans. If the discount is defined as “All” users, every user who scans the QR code will get discount coupon. E.g if Discount For is set as “All” and $5 Fixed discount is set, all user scan will get $5 discount coupon. If the discount is defined as “Limited” users, fixed number of user scans will get the discount coupons. Users chosen in this case will be randomized out of the maximum number of user scans defined. E.g. if the discount is set as $5 Fixed for 10 users out of maximum 100 user scans, then randomly 10 users will be selected out of maximum 100 user scans. Contact Us to Know More

Engage customers

Engaging promotional contents can be added on the mobile interface page, where coupon code is generated. Actionable such as download app, visit store or get customer information can also be included on customized mobile user interface page.

Engage customers
Customer-facing promotion

Customer-facing promotion channels

Design promotion banners and make your promotions impossible to overlook. Notify your customers about ongoing promotions via their favourite channels.

Monitor the redemptions

Decide the validity of coupons based on your composition schedule and limit the number of redemptions. Track the number of scans along with the status as redeemed or open.

Monitor the redemptions



5% discount for customers who register in the next 24h.

Increase Coupons ROI

5% discount for customers who register in the next 24h.

Manage & Collaborate

5% discount for customers who register in the next 24h.

Increase Marketing Efficiency

5% discount for customers who register in the next 24h.