Whether you have a small café or a big restaurant, it is essential to go digital to add more value to your business. There are plenty of ways to scale up your business and become more appealing to visitors. One of them is the use of restaurant digital signage menu boards.

Restaurant digital signage can increase visibility significantly. Be it listing the menu or the latest offers, digital menu boards for restaurants can come in handy in different situations. With the help of premium restaurant digital signage software, you can fulfill all your requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Menus for Restaurants?

Listed below are some of the major advantages of using restaurant digital signage:

In traditional menu boards, you have to rely on the designer to create a new design and then on the printer to get it on the board. With digital menu boards for restaurants, you can cut the cost and design your own digital menus. You can change it according to your preference at any time.

Digital signage for restaurants can run different types of marketing campaigns effortlessly. You can display your marketing messages, enlist your discount offers and highlight the best deals of the day.

Menu boards fast food restaurants, when integrated with the POS, can help in upselling your restaurant business. This will not only drive more visitors but also increase the sales graph. You can also display your food in an appealing way to sell the item. Many popular food chains are already using digital signages for this purpose.

You would agree to the fact that waiting time to receive the order can be dull. You can make the waiting time entertaining by including interesting facts about their particular order, trivia or other intriguing elements. This will keep the customers engaged till they receive their orders.

Digital restaurant menus get the upper hand over printed menu cards, as the former can be made more dynamic with appetizing images and videos of the food. This improves order management and customer's experience.

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Uses Of Digital Restaurants Menu Software

Dynamic Menu Boards

Digital menu boards for restaurants are dynamic and can delight your customers. They showcase various food menu items for the day with mouthwatering images and videos of the various delicacies. Change menus and pricing instantly according to the need (dinner menu, lunch menu, breakfast menu, special festival/holiday menu, etc.).

Promote Special Offers

Reach your customers by launching and highlighting instant offers and discounts such as "Happy Hours" and "Today's Specials". The restaurant menu software can be used for generating digital coupons quickly and showcase them on displays (can be a 5% off or $20 off on a bill of more than $100).

Share Recipes and Cuisine Information

A restaurant digital signage will help to attract and retain customers by showing the recipe and cuisine information on the digital menu board screens: highlight special dishes and customers’ feedback about those dishes to prompt customers to try it. Also, it adds a call to action to entice customers to act and place an order.

Showcase Nutrition Tips

Display nutrition tips and make your customers aware of the health & nutrition information and the benefits of eating healthy foods. The digital menu boards for restaurants can also provide nutritional information, and calorie numbers can help retain health-conscious customers to your restaurant.

Grow Social Audience

Display real-time social feeds and encourage customers to like and share the content will increase the popularity of your business on social media. Motivate your customers to give feedback and ratings for getting coupons or free food items. Use your restaurant digital signage to showcase High Definition (HD) images of mouthwatering food to attract the attention of food bloggers and food photographers whose feedback on social media can significantly increase your sales. Integrate the digital signage for restaurants with social media and web feeds to create brand awareness and grow your online community from the offline environment.

Engage and Entertain

Engage your customers with news, sports, and weather reports. The restaurant digital signage software can be used to simultaneously show entertaining and informational videos like health hygiene best practices, fun facts on food, etc. on digital displays. Displaying estimated waiting time, and entertaining videos can divert the customers’ attention and reduce the perceived wait time.

Queue Management

The digital menu boards for restaurants can play a critical role in the queue management of the counters. Restaurant and fast food digital menu boards can also help you communicate with your customers while waiting. Customers can use their mobile to get the token and wait for their turn. Restaurant digital signage will show the current token number and give a notification signal to draw the customer’s attention.Know more

Customer Feedback

For any business and especially a restaurant business, customer feedback is vital. Restaurants can leverage the digital restaurant menu boards by displaying user reviews and gain the trust of customers. Often, people make a purchasing decision after reading customer feedback. Customers can provide feedback with just a few clicks. Feedback kiosks can also play promotional content when left idle.

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Blogs that Leave You With Ideas

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Why Pickcel for Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions?

It is important to stay competitive in an industry like hospitality, and there are ways in which you can upscale your business. With a restaurant digital signage software, you can engage your visitors in a better way. That's where Pickcel helps.

  • We provide cloud-based restaurant digital menu display software that allows you to control your restaurant digital signage whenever and from wherever you need.
  • our digital menu board software has integrated design tools like Canva and DSMenu that allow you to quickly create, edit and update attractive contents for your restaurant and fast food digital menu boards.
  • The content scheduling feature of the restaurant menu software saves you from the hassle of manually refreshing your digital menu board contents for every meal hour, festive season, happy hour, special occasion, etc.
  • Pickcel restaurant digital signage software brings your menu items to life with rich and captivating digital menu boards. You can create an easy-to-read digital menu that helps customers quickly make purchase decisions and increase sales.
  • The software also allows you to manage and publish your contents in real-time.
  • You can also bring social media to your digital content. It is the best way to engage your visitors. You can think of providing offers and discounts via social media. Pickcel helps you display Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • Pickcel offers innovative and interactive marketing campaigns that will help you attract visitors. You can offer digital coupons that they can use at your store.
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Get the Best Digital Restaurant Menu Board Software!

It is true that visitors are attracted by digital content. There is no doubt that it is the best medium to interact with them. Therefore, digital restaurant boards in fast food restaurants have become more imperative than ever. Restaurant digital signage is a highly practical way to display your menu items and drive your business strategy with multiple options.

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A digital menu board is the electronic display of your menu that replaces traditional signs and posters. A digital menu gives you a better opportunity to draw customers' attention through video, graphics, and animations. Generally, digital menu boards for restaurants are made by mounting LCD or LED screens to the wall. These screens are controlled by digital menu board software to display various food menu items, promotional offers, recipes, and cuisine information, and engage and entertain customers in your restaurant while they wait.

Digital menu boards work by utilizing hardware, software, and content together. Hardware components of digital signages are media players and digital displays. Media players are run by digital menu board software to display customized content on the screen. Most of the digital menu boards deploy your menu through a content management system that uses the internet, Wi-Fi, or wired connection.

Updating your restaurant’s paper menu can cost you a lot. However, digital menu boards are cost-effective and easy to create, manage, & control your menus and content effectively. Here are the 5 benefits of using digital menu boards.

  • Easily Update Content on Digital Menu Boards – With digital menu board software, you can quickly change the order, pricing, and promotional offers. If you have more than one menu board display or restaurants at multiple locations, you can update your menus across all locations within a second.
  • Highlight Promotions and Offers – Digital menu boards let you display attractive images for promotions, offers, and discounts to increase sales of high-margin items. Beautiful imagery of food items and animations can draw attention and improve customer’s experience and help you sell more.
  • Reduce Perceived Wait Time – Engage your customers with news, sports, and weather information. Digital signage for restaurants can be connected with the internet to show entertaining videos to reduce the perceived wait time of the customers.
  • Long Term Cost Saving – Print signs require re-printing, shipping, posting, and disposal each time during a change. While there may be a higher up-front cost to digital menu boards, in the long term, it has cost saving to the investment.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency – If you have a chain of restaurants at multiple locations, the digital menu board software ensures that all the restaurants located at different locations are up to date and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across all the boards. It helps you create a better brand value by enhancing the presence of your restaurants.

While digital menu boards make your communication with the customers easier, it also enhances the appearance of your restaurants and makes things easier for staff as well as customers.

Quick Service Restaurants or QSR, fast food chains, cafes, and casual restaurants can use the digital menu board software to manage content on their display boards. Also, businesses having a chain of restaurants or cafes can use digital menu boards for enhanced customer experience and branding.

Pickcel is the best cloud-based digital menu board software for restaurants. Pickcel digital signage for restaurants can be used on 2 displays for 14 days as a free trial. Pickcel has two pricing plans: Professional and Enterprise plans. Visit our pricing page for more details. You can also reach out to us at +91-9740997922 or through email - contact@pickcel.com.

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