Industry specific digital signage requirements and use cases



  • Promote and launch new products
  • Highlight special offers and discounts
  • Show maps of your store and drive customers to particular areas
  • Educate customers about services, loyalty programs and products
  • Enhance the shopping experience through entertainment
  • Reduce costs associated with print media and logistics
  • Visually attract passersby
  • Interactive Signage (Customized Signage Application)
  • Product browsing on Kiosk
  • Product brochure display & Download on Mobile
  • Provide Feedback & Survey on Kiosk or Mobile through QR code
  • Run promotions on screen and provide offers on User’s Mobile using QR Code.


  • Manage ad campaigns on multiple distributed displays.
  • Comprehensive campaign management solution with dynamic scheduling.
  • Advertiser Management system
  • Displays can be dynamically grouped based on tags- Like a campaign can be scheduled on all pharmacy stores in Mumbai and Pune or on all pharmacy stores and restaurants in Pune and pharmacy stores in Mumbai.
  • Define slot duration and loop policy
  • Engage audience with entertainment and informative contents (through local storage, third party or internet feeds). Define entertainment schedule within loop policy.
  • Analytics - Comprehensive proof of play, display uptime report and business level reporting.
  • Integration with billing software.
  • Configuration of SMS and email alerts for operation and maintenance team.

Corporate Communication

  • Run employee engagement campaign and branding exercise
  • Relay management announcement
  • Inform employees on upcoming event, conference, achievement and financial figure
  • Acknowledge your best employees
  • Showcase company awards and accolades
  • Welcome your guest in your premises
  • Inform on innovation, breakthrough, and new methodologies
  • Show various training related contents
  • Impart vision, mission, and company core values to both employees and visitors
  • Integrate with external systems like project tracking system to display real time status or a security system for any alert
  • Easily pre-program messages to change content by location, time or day part
  • know more


  • Create dynamic Menu boards displaying various menu options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Launch instant offers and discounts like ‘Happy Hours’ and ‘Today’s Special’
  • Customize menu and information in local languages, formats and tastes
  • Share recipe and cuisine information
  • Convey nutritional information
  • Visually attract passerby


  • Manage digital signage contents in Bus and Train.
  • Display entertainment content along with advertisement (at predetermined intervals)
  • Play entertainment content through USB or Cloud.
  • Manage PIS (Public Information System) at station
  • Integrate with Automatic Vehicle Location System to display real time arrival/departure time.
  • Display emergency messages and notifications.

Smart City Signage

  • Interactive signage to display community information and public awareness.
  • Smart transport signage to provide arrival departure time and city maps.
  • Road and highway signage to provide relevant information on traffic updates & notification
  • Advertisement signage at strategic location for revenue generation
  • Emergency alerts, weather forecast, pollution level, safety warnings and other environmental information can be shared on digital signage.
  • Other city information like tourist places, health centres, police stations, fire stations, public utility offices, hotels etc. can be displayed
  • A close integration with other smart city application can be done and relevant information, analytics, notifications, warnings can be displayed.


  • Display greetings, directions and branding in lobby
  • Provides guests with information about restaurants, amenities, in-hotel shops, local businesses and local trips.
  • Provide location-specific content
  • Suggest select menu items, local news, weather and tips for local tours
  • Acknowledge your best employees
  • Welcome message for VIP guests


  • Centrally Manage Branding and Promotions across geographically distributed healthcare units
  • Enhance patient experience with Queue Display Management Application
  • Entertain your audience and help shorten the perceived wait time
  • Share important information about registration, financial assistance and privacy
  • Convey wellness tips to help patients improve their health
  • Generate revenues through contextual advertising
  • Inform employees about training details, safety issues and treatment protocols

Educational Institute

  • Promote events and campaigns on college and school campuses.
  • Make notice boards dynamic to share information among students and visiting parents
  • Broadcast emergency notification
  • Ensure consistent communication across your centers
  • Act as an aid for instruction
  • Gain easy advertising revenue
  • Foster creativity among students by displaying creatives developed by students

Beauty & Fitness

  • Showcase facilities, experts and your specialization
  • Provide information on schedules, personal training sessions and treatments
  • Launch offers and packages
  • Share tips on healthy recipes, workout for healthy living
  • Share videos success stories for motivation
  • Visually attract passerby

Financial Institute

  • Share information on existing products, services and benefits
  • Launch new product and services to influence your captive audience
  • Improve time-to-market by sharing localized and customized information.
  • Share real-time updates like announcements and rate changes.
  • Display mandated government notification on the screen.
  • Ensure consistent communication across your branch.
  • Educate your employees during non-working hour.

Factory & Manufacturing Unit

  • Up-to-the-minute production information
  • Actual production figures against target
  • Motivate staff to meet their goals without keeping them from their work.
  • Units produced per minute, hour, day, machine, team or person at regular intervals.
  • Safety norms & procedure
  • Emergency notification (like Evacuation)
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Announcements
  • Leadership & Management messages
  • Changes to working patterns, shifts, overtime
  • Internal branding of manufactured products


  • Digital Signage has a varied use case across various other segments like
  • Apartment or housing complex for internal notice board and advertising revenue generation
  • Information system is public places like government offices, utility bill payment centres, public hospitals, post office, police station, fire department etc.
  • Digital signage are now playing a very important role in disseminating informations and engaging audience in conferences, exhibitions, fairs, marriage halls etc.
  • Signage information is also a key now in places like gas or fuel stations, food courts, highway signages, weather forecasting and disaster management related signages