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Pickcel Digital signage support various industry signage functions. Customized signage solutions can be built to suit the requirement.

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Revolutionize the communication in your healthcare facility with engaging healthcare digital signage solutions. Whether it’s a big hospital or a small clinic, communicate, educate and empower your patients and staffs for better healthcare productivity and patient satisfaction.

Use Cases of Healthcare Digital Signage in Hospitals, Clinics, Health Facilities


Show Patient Queue Information

Publish and notify the patients with their token & counter information across reception and waiting areas with the digital Signage displays. Reduce stress levels and time patients spend on their feet. Educate and entertain the patients while waiting.


Digital Information Boards

Share important informations and procedures regarding to patient registration, financial assistance and the privacy of patient's medical records.


Wayfinding Maps

Wayfinding digital signage helps the patients to find their way quicker and navigate around healthcare facility without any confusions. Reduce the stress in arrival of their appointment at time.


Waiting Room Entertainment

Reduce the anxiety, nervousness and boredom faced by the patients & visitors. Make them relaxed while they are waiting for their scheduled appointments and reports. Inform the estimated wait time along while showing entertaining contents.


Provide Health & Wellness Tips

Create awareness to your patients and educate them about the serious health issues, preventive measures, critical medical conditions and the treatments. Share educational content such as wellness tips and medical advice to keep your patients healthier.


Branding & Promotions

Promote the service, products and membership plans offered across all healthcare units. Advertise upcoming events medical camps, discounts & offers etc to drive more people. Promote and reinforce the healthcare's brand by influencing them with contextual promotions.


Employee Internal Communication

Share important information such as staff scheduling, doctor availability, meetings, conferences, events etc. Whether the doctors and staffs are in staff room or cafeteria, Alert and coordinate them easily & instantly on critical emergency situations. Make sure the staff are stick to the hospital work guidelines, security procedures and new treatments.

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