Fitness Centre Digital Signage Software Solutions for Gyms, Fitness Clubs & Health Spas

Pickcel Digital signage support various industry signage functions. Customized signage solutions can be built to suit the requirement.

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Uses of Digital Signage in Gym & Fitness Centres


Promote Coaching & Training Services

Convert new visitors into customers by promoting the various types of coaching and training services provided by your Gym/fitness centre.


Highlight Amenities

Inform the customers and visitors by highlighting them with the amenities provided across the fitness centres and gyms.


Advertise special offers & Discounts

Increase the customer base by providing special offers and discounts with attracting advertisements on the digital signage displays.


Trainer Schedules and Availability

Help the trainees to continue their daily workouts by publishing training sessions, schedules and the availability of trainers


Publish Motivational Stuffs

Help the trainees to achieve their goals and keep them in track by inspiring them with amazing motivational content and make the workout experience much more satisfying.


Share Success Stories

Increase the credibility and trust among the customers and build relationship by sharing customer success stories and testimonials on the digital signage displays as a social proof.


Provide Safety Instructions

Ensure the safety of the trainees and trainers in the premises by showing safety instructions, preventive measures and first aid details on the digital signage displays.


Showcase Pre-recorded Workouts

Help and inform the trainees with pre recorded workout and training videos to ensure the workouts flow better with accurate movements.


Health & Fitness Tips

Show important tips and instructions to do proper workouts as well as educate them about the benefits of staying fit with healthy foods and workouts.


Announce Upcoming Events

Encourage the trainees and trainers by announcing new and upcoming events digital signage screens and help them to participate.

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