\ Digital signage for corporate employee communication

Enabling efficient employee corporate communication

Engage, motivate and communicate to your employees effectively with Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Single Platform for Internal Communications

Improve Employer- Employee Communications better than ever.

Whether it’s a lobby, meeting room, Hallway, conference room, reception or cafeteria; communicate effectively with your employee wherever they are in with digital signage network.

Corporate Announcements

Digitize your corporate communications with digital signage to inform your employees about new events, workshops, new product launch, reached milestone and other internal activities etc. Show them the latest trends in technology, current news, weather, sports and social media trends

Boost morale and by announcing employee’s birthday, achievements and other gatherings etc.

Increase employee productivity

Keep your employees motivated and Increase the overall productivity of your employees by showing inspiring quotes. Help employees to reach their milestone by multiplying the energy in the workplace to and improve their performance by showing them motivating inspirational quotes and videos.

Employee Engagement


Internal branding

Keep your employees proud to be working as a part of your organization. Showcase the corporate social responsibility activities of your organization towards employees. Make them emotionally connected with your organization by reinforcing company’s value, ethics, morale and the pride towards working with the organization.

Increased Workplace Safety

Make sure your workplace is safe by creating a safety and secure environment. Announce emergency instructions & information to update the safety precautions to your employees. Establish a clear informational structure for showing safety measures and directions to the workforce and provide ultimate level of protection.

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Creative Communication in Employer Branding

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Simple pricing. Start your free trial and then pay as you use!