Dooh Digital Signage Software Solutions For Outdoor & Out of Home Advertising

Pickcel Digital signage support various industry signage functions. Customized signage solutions can be built to suit the requirement.

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Benefits of DOOH Digital Signage

Public Information Updates

Inform the public about the news, weather, and Promote upcoming events, conferences, sports, meetups instantly.

Large-Scale Entertainment

Speak directly to the people and fans while they are entertaining in sports, concerts, Amusement parks, cinemas etc Show right message at the right place at the right time towards the target audience

Storefront Promotion

Capture the attention of the people who are near the store with attractive visual ads. Drive more foot traffic to the retail store with special sales and promotions Advertise daily promotions, special clearance sale and multiple marketing campaigns that generate revenue to the store business.

Stand out from competition

Reach out to the potential customers with tailored content while they pass by. Get rid of competition by making your ad promotion more compelling according to the context

Better Audience Targeting

Run targeted hyperlocal advertisements campaigns at the specific places to drive more revenue.Promote brands, advertise products and services with contextual content.

Real-Time Information

Keep travellers / commuters / passengers well informed with arrival, departure and schedule changes instantly in real time. Alert them with

Maximize Visibility

Boost the visibility to more viewers by having the digital signage on strategic locations.Promote outstanding visuals to attract more viewers.

Pricing Plans

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