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Display tweets on your signage display.


With this app you can display live tweets on your signage displays. You can get the tweets from any hash tag (#hash_tag) or twitter handle (@twitter_handle). To configure, enter hash tag or twitter handle for which you need to display the tweets in the setting of Pickcel's Twitter app.

How to configure and use Twitter Tweets App?


1 Goto "App Store" menu.

2 Click "+" button on the Twitter Tweets App

3 Authenticate your Twitter account by clicking "Login Twitter".


4 Enter a name of your choice in the “Name” textbox for identification.

app anme

5 Choose a search type (# hashtag / @ handle)


6 Enter the keyword starts with # or @


7 Set number of Tweets to be displayed.


8 Click "Preview" to check how it looks.


9 Click "Add" to include the Twitter Feeds App in the assets section.

Add app

10 Goto "Assets" menu and click "My Apps" to modify or manage the app.


11 Now you are ready to use this app as an asset to create a composition and schedule it.

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