Top 7 Digital Menu Board Companies for 2024

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When the world is mad about digitalizing important elements, why has the menu board of a cafe or restaurant become so important?

The food industry has revolutionized the entire process. They don’t see menus as just information boards anymore; they understand that menus have a strong psychological impact on customers.

A study found that placing menu items at the beginning or end of a category increased their popularity by 56% compared to the baseline menu. Additionally, the design of the menu card can influence customer behavior by up to 15%, for example, by using photographs of dishes. Even cafes are adding offers and discounts right on their menus to influence customers’ buying decisions.

To achieve all these benefits, your menu needs to be flexible, digital, and customizable—and there’s our answer. The food and restaurant industry is booming exponentially. Continuous innovation and customer engagement are crucial, and a digital menu board is your most helpful companion.

However, the market is flooded with digital signage and digital menu board providers. How do you choose one? We screen and list some top players in the game who have years of experience in providing quality digital signage solutions. Let’s explore the Top 7 digital menu board companies for 2024.

Top 7 digital menu board companies for 2024

Below listed are the top 7 digital menu boards companies for 2024.

1. Pickcel

RInteractive digital menu board solutions offered by Pickcel

Pickcel is an industry leader in providing digital menu board solutions alongside digital signage solution. With Pickcel, you gain a great level of flexibility, allowing you to experiment and try out new ideas with your menu. They offer a vast array of customization templates to help you craft an attractive digital menu board.

Additionally, Pickcel’s menu board integrates seamlessly with Square Up POS and is designed to work with other POS systems as well. This allows for real-time automatic updates of menu item availability and pricing. These advanced features not only ensure efficient inventory tracking and order management but also facilitate seamless operations and provide opportunities for upselling.

You can try out Pickcel to learn more about what you can do.


  • Real-time order update

  • Interactive e-coupon integration

  • 100+ digital menu board templates

  • Automated scheduling

  • Set dynamic playlist

  • Flexible language and currency option

  • Support media, graphic and video integration


Starting from $13.5 per month if billed annually, their most popular “Professional Plan” offers various features. You can find more information about Pickcel’s pricing plans on their website.


MVIX is a leading digital signage solution provider, trusted by the food and beverage industry for its digital menu board solutions. It offers a design library with free templates, allowing you to craft your own custom menus. You can easily adjust the font, layout, color, and more to suit your needs. Additionally, MVIX’s multi-user platform provides various options for creating and managing digital menu boards.


  • Templates and layouts

  • Design library for content creation

  • Security and technical support

  • Support 150+ content apps and integration

  • Device health dashboard offers players diagnostics


The monthly subscription plan starts at $29, or you can go for a one-time purchase plan that will cost $299.

3. Screencloud

A digital menu board showing the items offered in the menu alongwith the prices

Screencloud is a global digital signage solution provider trusted by many organizations. It offers a simple and easy-to-use platform for remote operation of digital signage. With ScreenCloud, you can add a wide range of items, including descriptions, images, pricing, calories, and much more. Businesses can access the CMS and modify the menu right from their mobile screens, providing flexibility and convenience.


  • Layout manager app

  • Customization

  • Scheduling information and updates

  • Unlimited user access

  • 24/7 professional support


The starting pricing, which is the core plan, starts from $20 per month if billed annually.

4. Yodeck

Yodeck allows you to choose free templates where you can add your logo and modify them according to your brand identity. Besides digital menu boards, it offers flexibility for promotion and advertising. It helps improve your menu design with an on-screen widget that allows you to place a QR code at your desired location.


  • Social media and entertainment app integration

  • Free digital signage templates

  • Security options like user access, and player secure lockdown

  • CMS dashboard

  • Scheduling and remote management options

  • Live streaming


The basic plan of Yodeck starts from $8 per month per player.

5. Navori

Navori offers powerful software support that ensures top-grade security and data management. They have introduced a digital menu board application suitable for everything from elite restaurants to food trucks and cafes. With a user-friendly dashboard, users can create visually stunning menu designs effortlessly. The high-resolution display of Navori’s menu board solution enhances the overall user experience.


  • Real-time data update

  • Built-in design tool

  • Scheduling of menu

  • Report and analytics

  • Screen synchronization


The pricing of Navori starts from $20 per month per player.

6. Scala

A digital menu board showing the items offered in the menu on digital signage screen.

Scala is renowned for its commercial-grade digital signage solutions and user-friendly content management system. With Scala, you can effortlessly manage your menu bar for different times of the day, scheduling one menu for lunch and another for dinner. Their professional team customizes the service to meet your brand’s specific needs. Trusted by many renowned hotels, restaurants, and other industries, Scala is a leading choice for digital signage.


  • Custom templates

  • Support integration with POS

  • Centralised content management system

  • Security audit logs


Scala has no fixed pricing plans; user can reach their sales team to get a quoted price.

7. truDigital

truDigital is renowned for its easy setup and user-friendly interface, making it a favorite among big brands. Their effortless integration and management tools are highly appreciated. With truDigital, you can display multiple menu boards simultaneously, offering you the flexibility to customize them for different parties, moods, and events. This platform provides true flexibility and makes managing your digital menu boards easy.


  • Social media and entertainment app integration

  • Predesigned template

  • Provide animated assets

  • Scheduling menu

  • Options to add visuals


truDigital offers flexible pricing, with the base price starting from $29 per month per player.

Summing Up

A digital menu board is essential for restaurants and the food industry to stay ahead of the competition. The success of these industries often hinges on their hospitality and services, and a digital menu board can significantly enhance customer interaction. If you’re still unsure about which option to choose from the leading industries, consider Pickcel. Let me explain why.

Rather than blindly investing your valuable capital in any random company, Pickcel offers a 14-day free trial for you to explore their entire system. With Pickcel, you also get access to an amazing support team. Reach out to them, and you’ll see how deploying a digital menu board can be incredibly easy!

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